The Ludus Quartet was created in 2001 when the members met professor Milan Skampa, Andrea Nannoni and Huge Meguire, the guest artists at the advance string quartet course led by professor Andrea Repetto in Bolzano. Quartet had advanced guidance from professor Alberto Martini in Verona and attended string quartet classes with professors Piero Farulli and Andrea Nannoni at the School of Music at Fiesole. Ludus participated at the Europe String Quartet Academy in Fiesole, where the members were able to meet some of the world’s most famous string quartet performers such as Hatto Beyerle (Quartetto Alban Berg), Norbert Brainin (Quartetto Amadeus), Piero Farulli (Quartetto Italiano), and Milan Skampa (Quartetto Smetana). It works in partnership with many other musicians in order to be able to propose performances as a quintet as well as sextet. The repertoire includes considerable variety of quartets, from classical to contemporary works. The Ludus quartet has been awarded with the 2. price in the international contest “Marco Fiorindo” (Turin). In February 2006 the quartet has won the 1. price and received a special award in the national contest “Rospigliosi”(Pistoia). The range of activity of the Ludus quartet covers whole Italy. The purpose of the Ludus Quartet in the last years was to introduce not well known but very interesting compositions in his concert program, in order to establish a relation with the other well known composer and their works.